Goodwell Township
                  2465 N Cypress Ave.
                       White Cloud, Mi 49349
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Building Inspector

          Goodwell Township uses the County of Newaygo for all permits and inspections.

Mission Statement:
The Newaygo County Department of Building Safety & Permits mission is to provide for safe and habitable structures, to ensure public health, safety and welfare, through competent code enforcement.

The Department of Building Safety & Permits is divided into several areas of code enforcement.  Each area relates to various codes that the Department is responsible to enforce.  The divisions are Permitting, Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing.  The Building Official is the executive officer of the Department's enforcement.

First you will need a Zoning Permit you need to talk to the Zoning Administrator, Robert Birr his phone is 231-796-8399, or
email him by clicking on his name.

You can get info about the permits you will need by clicking here you will be going to the County site use the buttons on the right hand side

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